Pard NV007A 16mm - OLED Night Vision Add On
The PARD NV007A is a digital rear add on night vision device that not only offers superb night time viewing out to 150 yards with its onboard illuminator but full 1080p colour for day time use. If you pair this NV add on with an additional high powered IR illuminator you will get performance ours to 200+ Yards.

The Pard NV007A is a lightweight rear mounted night vision add on that allows you to quickly and easily convert your day scope into a state of the art night vision riflescope for close and long-range hunting day or night.

No need to dedicate a rifle to night vision, the Pard NV007A provides a high tech solution. Simply attach onto the rear of your rifle scope instantly converting it to night vision.

With 1080P HD colour day-time video recording and 1080P HD night-time video recording direct to the internal micro SD card.
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