Yukon Sightline N450S Digital Scope

The Yukon Sightline N450S Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope features a new 1024x768 HD AMOLED display for optimal viewing, whilst still giving you the excellent standard of optical performance and functionality as their previous range. Perfect for long-range precision shooting night and day.

This digital unit is resistant to bright light exposure and is available as a 4.0x magnification unit, with a 4x digital zoom and a total magnification of 16.0x.

The Yukon Sightline N450 has six selectable electronic reticles with a choice of three colours for customisation, as well as having a high calibre 6000j shock-resistance and long eye relief. Powered by 4xAA batteries and a spare cradle is provided to allow for a quick and easy battery change.

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