Pulsar Helion XP38 Thermal Monocular
Pulsar Helion XP38 Thermal Monocular Pulsar Helion XP38 Thermal Monocular
£3,400.00 £3,580.00

The new Pulsar Helion XP38 thermal imager incorporates the very latest in hand held thermal imaging technology, with a new high resolution 640x480 thermal core, providing crisp clear thermal images, with enhanced recognition ranges, and a detection range up to 1.3km. Twinned with the latest wifi and integrated video recording technology the Helion XP38 thermal camera provides unrivalled performance, with a 1.9x to 15.2 x magnification.

Whether you are spotting foxes at night, counting red deer by day, or scanning for poachers on a highland game estate, the new Pulsar Helion XP38 thermal imaging camera will provide the recognition distance previously only obtainable by mil spec thermal imaging equipment.

Using the latest 640x480 17µm thermal core, via 8 user selectable colour palettes, you can now spot, detect and recognize with the Helion XP38 and XP50  at distances unrivalled by any commercial hand held device on the market.

With a smooth progressive zoom magnification from 1.9x for wide open field scanning, through to 15.2x for up close and personal details, the Helion XP38 is the ultmate thermal imager for spotting foxes, deer stalking and wildlife observation as well as thermal security surviellance.

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