‘The Knowledge’ by GWCT
£12.00 £15.95
(RBSS Promotion price) Whether you’re new to shooting, a seasoned gun or just keen to learn more about the way the British countryside is managed, The Knowledge is for you. Featuring over 200 pages of easy-to-read questions and answers such as: - How do you define a wild pheasant? - Why are grey partridges on the quarry list when they are in national decline? - Why do gamebirds need supplementary food? - Does predation control have wider conservation benefits? - What UK habitats do woodcock prefer? - What should Guns look out for on a shoot day? The Knowledge draws on over 150 scientific publications to provide you with a robust introduction into quarry species, the management of both habitat and predators and all the latest issues surrounding shooting and conservation. You will also learn key information about a typical day’s shooting – from important health & safety tips to guidance on game handling and security.
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